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What is the Shared Hosting?

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what is shared hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is equal experience in an lodging where you deal a democratic grapheme with your neighbors. You cannot alter anything but you assets mending toll and trustiness with your neighbors. Shared hosting is the most commonly misused method of hosting, and is victimized for customers who feature chosen effort or low-cost hosting packages.
You can opt for a Shared hosting if you trespass in any of the shadowing categories:

Having an arrangement to start-up a proceed using your own or borrowed capital.

Expecting a low initial order of visitors say 500 per day.

Narrow sign of email accounts to be set up as you currently someone exclusive a qualified identify of employees.

Thinking to legion and affirm only your web tract and a match of blogs etc.

In any of the succeeding cases you can try the joint hosting alternative before committing yourself for something large.


How to Boost the Domain Authority of Your Web Site

How to Boost the Domain Authority of Your Web Site

Boost the Domain Authority

There are many metrics the search engines used to rank Web sites. If you are aiming to have your site rank high on search engines like Google, it is important that you should not ignore these metrics. If you do ignore them, then your Web site might languish at the bottom of rankings.

One of the metrics that you should never ignore is your Web site’s domain authority. What is domain authority? What can be done to increase it?

According to creator Moz, domain authority represents its best prediction for how a Web site will perform in search engine rankings. It said that domain authority can be used to compare a Web site to another or tracking the “strength” of a Web site over time. Moz said that this metric is calculated by combining all of their other link metrics—linking root domains, number of total links, MozRank, MozTrust, etc.—into a single score.

In short, domain authority is the perceived power of a domain name as determined by different calculations, scores and metrics. But what can you do to increase the domain authority of your web site and be ranked higher on search engines?

Increase your backlinks

Backlinks are links that leads users or visitors on other Web sites to yours. Also called as inbound link, backlinks do increase your Web site’s domain authority. The more backlinks your Web site has, the stronger is its domain authority. The more backlinks your Web site has, the more visitors could be expected to come and visit it. You can increase your backlinks by posting comments on related contents published on other Web sites.

Connect with Popular Bloggers

The blogosphere is one wide part of the Internet world. However, there are a number of blogs or bloggers who managed to stand out among others. These famous and well known blogs and bloggers have made their names in the Internet world. If you want to compete against millions of new Web sites and blogs and achieve a good rank, then better start by connecting with those who have earned good reputations themselves.

Guest blogging on sites that have strong domain authority could as well increase your own site’s domain authority. You could start out by providing these famous Web sites and blogs with high quality content that they may publish. Such content, especially fresh and high quality ones, could attract the attention of visitors of other Web sites, and may push them to share it with others – thereby increasing the backlinks to your own Web site. No matter how many guest posts a Web site has, it would amount to nothing if they cannot entice users to visit your page.

Being Active on Social Media Sites

The power and influence of social media sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter cannot be denied. You have to acknowledge that these sites play an important role not only in making your Web site popular, but generating traffic. Through these social media sites, people can easily share anything, even contents on Web sites that may have sparked their interest. By being active on social media sites, you do not only attract people who may visit your Web site, you could also engage with them and actively build community for your site. This could greatly boost the domain authority of your Web site.

The author

Donald Rye is a part-time blogger who focuses on subjects like education and youth development. His blogs are not an essay writing service, but could be considered as academic writing guides.

5 Simple Tips for Selecting a Good WordPress Hosting Provider

Selecting a Good WordPress Hosting Provider

wordpress hosting details

There are very many factors you should consider when hosting your WordPress blog. WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms however your choice of host can affect functionalities such as speed. You should therefore exercise caution when looking for a host for your blog to ensure that the functionality of your blog isn’t compromised. Below are some of the most important factors to consider when hosting your WordPress blog.

Uptime and reliability

You should also consider uptime and reliability when hosting your WordPress blog. Your WordPress blog won’t function optimally if your host isn’t reliable. Outrages happen because of a number of reasons i.e. natural disasters i.e. fire, floods earthquakes etc. Outrages can also occur as a result of data sabotage by malicious software. You host has to reliable i.e. have measures to protect you against outrages i.e. have firewalls, backup etc. Up time should be 99% otherwise your blog won’t function like it should.

Datacenter type

You must consider the type of datacenter your server is located in. This is an important consideration because datacenters are nerve center for blogs i.e. your blog communicates with the outside world through a datacenter. In simple terms, the service quality of your blog is determined by the type of datacenter your blog uses. You should therefore choose a host that has the best datacenter for the best services.

Web host performance

Another obvious factor to consider is the performance of your web host. For you WordPress blog to perform optimally, you must be hosted by the best host. Web host performance is an important factor because it determines user experience i.e. how fast blog visitors are able to download content from your blog, how long pages take to load etc. You should therefore insist on web host performance that is excellent i.e. you host your blog on a datacenter connected to good reliable internet. Also, your host server should have sufficient resources for handling high traffic. Another thing to consider is the server capacity of your host. These considerations will ensure your WordPress blog performs as expected.

Technical support

You should also consider a host who offers excellent technical support. There is no need of hosting your WordPress blog with a host who will not be there in time of need. Nothing frustrates like failed technical support. Instead of gambling with your host, you should research for the best host in terms of reliability and technical support. This will ensure that your problems are solved instantly. You can lose very many blog members because of poor support. You should therefore host with the best hosts only.


This is another very important consideration when hosting your WordPress blog. Very many bloggers want the cheapest hosting service. This shouldn’t be the case. Hosting services are like anything else. You get what you pay for. You should not be afraid to spend some money hosting your WordPress blog because that is the only way to get the most out of your blogging experience. If you are not willing to pay for hosting services, you should reconsider using WordPress.

Author Bio

This post was submitted by one of our prominent readers Mo Raja. He currently works in online marketing at a mobile phone specialist insurance company Protect Your Bubble. Mo occasionally writes blog posts on technology, gadgets, mobile phones and online media. This post however is solely the opinion of Mo and not endorsed by any other individual or organisation.

Moving to the Cloud Can Save your Company a Lot of Money

Moving to the Cloud Server

Save money by virtual collaboration

Adopting a cloud computing strategy is a great way to save some money for your company. This technology allows small business set ups to access technologies which were once only accessible to large companies with a large budget. Following are the monetary benefits that you can obtain by following a cloud computing strategy for your company.

Save money by virtual collaboration

Cloud computing technology offers the opportunities to employees to connect whenever and wherever they want. And all it requires is an internet connection. The company can also come up with a secure meeting place that can be used for communication with remote employees. The expenses which can be accrued by travelling and other arrangements can be cut down by this virtual networking set up. The cloud computing technology also allows for an instant and quick messaging service, which in turn helps in increasing the monetary status of the company.

Reduced IT costs

Another benefit that can be obtained by adopting the cloud computing technology is the lowering of IT costs. Because cloud computing doesn’t have any specific hardware, there are very less expenses which are associated with the updating of programs. Updates to the software are made automatically and so there is no need to spend time and money to download it and to install it.

Using traditional software demands a large amount of money spent for downloading, security, and storage needs. At the same time these traditional applications have limitations in their performance capabilities. This disadvantage can be very well overcome with the use of cloud computing technology.

The customer services at cloud services are very proficient in handling technical issues. This reduces the necessity of onsite IT services and training to employees. This in turn reduces the IT training expenses of the company to a great extent. The expensive IT consultant time and in-house manpower can also be reduced greatly by using the cloud technology.

Low upfront costs

Using cloud computing technology eliminates the need to purchase and install many complex servers. Thus the investments which are made on the technology infrastructure can be reduced greatly by opting for cloud computing services.


Cloud computing technology offers you the flexibility to use the software according to your needs and demands. The cloud infrastructure can be adjusted on a pay as you go basis. This in turn reduces the cost of investing in high end and expensive software. The technology allows the instant scale up and scale down of services and hence reducing extra cost incurred. By cutting down the cost and expenses during a slow business period, the profit margin of the company can be increased by a great extent.

Low labor costs

Using cloud computing technology helps in lowering the in house IT services. The upgradation , maintenance and support services are also cut down to a great extent thereby hugely reducing the hiring costs and salary expenses of the organization.

The other benefits

A cloud computing technology provides a company with many other benefits too. This new age IT solution can reduce the costs and company expenses by providing adequate workflow solutions and paperless and secure documentation.

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Grace is a content strategy expert associated with Godot Media. She has worked closely with online businesses, helping them in their marketing strategies through outsource writing, among other content writing services. Her other interests – besides online content strategy, internet marketing and search engine optimization – are technology, sports and fashion.