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Logo Design Inspiration 2015

Logo Design Inspiration

Best Logo design inspiration

Logo design Inspiration 2015: As a brand designer you’ll be able to usually realize moments, once you cannot think about something sensible, on the other hand such sacred like this may become terribly handy. There are plenty of brand showcase sites you’ll be able to inspire from and typically those sites list conjointly all brand on in style classes, therefore you’ll be able to see that logos and truly why there are therefore in style, generally artists even add their brand creation progress there, permitting us to check what’s extremely happening behind the scene. Ok, currently to the post – I found along twenty five brand showcase, portfolio sites associated even few blogs that dedicate their life to assist you become an knowledgeable brand designer. Enjoy!

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Impress Your Viewers with a Creatively Designed Logo

Creatively Designed Logo

Creatively Designed Logo

While planning to have an online corporate identity, the first and the important thing which you need to know is ‘how to create a brand image of your company?’ Today, finding the answer to this question is not as challenging as it seems. ‘Designing a logo’ is a must when it comes to website design & development. You might have heard of the term ‘logo design’ but not aware of its exact definition. Well then, you don’t have to worry at all.

There is no doubt in saying that a logo helps in representing an organization graphically. In fact, it will be better to say that it helps in creating a brand image of a company. Designing a logo means putting forward the purpose of a business on the web in an artistic manner.

There is a common saying that ‘first impression is the last impression’. If you want to have a strong existence in the world of web, then impressing the viewers of your new or existing site is essential rather mandatory for you. This not only helps in increasing the number of visitors to your site but also brings maximum profit to your business. In addition to this, designing a logo creatively can make your site appealing to the visitors from all over the world.

After discussing much about the uses and significance of logos, it’s time for you get the answer of your question ‘how and from where to design an attractive and good-looking logo for your website?’ A reliable graphic and logo designing company can give you the answer of your question by creatively designing a logo as per the purpose of the site.

Joining hands with a reputed graphic and logo designing company in India among numerous ones is worthwhile for an owner of a site, because they use latest techniques and cutting-edge technologies for designing a logo exclusively. At the same time a well-known company comprises logo designers in India those who are creative and dedicated enough to create highly marketable and attractive logo.

Experienced designers of a reputed graphic and logo designing company based in India can undoubtedly create alluring logo for creating a brand image of your organization by using advanced color applications. Some of the reputed Indian organizations make use of logo design software which is easy to download and most importantly which helps in creating elegant logos with a touch of professionalism.

10 Creative Logo Designs Inspiration

Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration

10 creative logo design inspirations hope you find them useful.

1. Spartan

creative logo design inspration

creative logo design

2. Go-tickets

creative logo design examples

creative logo design

3. Blue Elephant

creative logo design examples

creative logo design

4. Mushroom

creative logo design examples

creative logo design

5. Cook eat Love

creative logo design samples

creative logo design

6. Girls Talkin Smack

creative logo design samples

creative logo design

7. Doodie Call

creative logo design examples

creative logo design

8. Barknews Media

Best creative logo designs

creative logo design

9. Colour Fruit

Creative logo design examples

creative logo design

10. BarCode

best creative logo design

creative logo design

Top 5 Free Outdoor Banner Fonts

You might not realize this, but not all fonts are free to use. Fortunately, the great thing about the Internet is that it is full of free things, and you can find plenty of free fonts online that work for all sorts of different purposes, including for outdoor banners.


free web fonts download

free fonts download

When it comes to outdoor banners, it’s important to have a font that is well spaced and wide, depending on he type of outdoor banner you’re going for. If what you want to convey is a short, powerful message, then a font like Franchise is a good bet. It has bold characteristics, and is often described as “stout.” it comes with small caps and the standard letters and numbers, as well as a few extra symbols for a total of 114 characters. This font is probably most ideal for single, short messages such as you see in simple title banners.


top best fonts free download

free best fonts

As far as free banner fonts go, it’s hard to go wrong with one like Gnuolane. This one was built specifically for serious headlines to be used in places like newspaper headlines, but it will work equally well on your banner. The font uses old style numerals, and it has an older style feel to it, so it could be especially good for any banner you want to use in a 60’s fair or similar purpose.

League Gothic

free web fonts download

best fonts free download

The League Gothic font revives a classic font that has been a favorite for years. It was originally called AlternateGothic#1 and it was made in 1903. The company that made it eventually went bankrupt, and because of its age, the font is now in the public domain. League Gothic isn’t exactly the same though, it was spruced up a bit and entered into the public domain for everyone’s use. The font now has more glyphs than it had previously, and it’s a great choice for banners if you want them to have an older archaic feel.


free best creative fonts download

free creative fonts download

The Romeral typeface is more stylized than the others, and as a result it works great on banners when you want them to seem more fun and light. The font is designed to make it easier for designers to use in a personal way.


web fonts free download

free web fonts download

Another font you can use for outdoor banners is called ‘Nevis’. This particular font is known for being strong and angular. It’s made for headings, which is essentially what you need when you’re making outdoor banners. An outdoor banner, after all, needs to be seen from a considerable distance. So a font like Nevis, which excels in all caps, is exactly what you need. This font was built for all caps and looks the best in that range.

Using Fonts
It’s important to note that fonts that are free to use aren’t always free to use commercially. So if your banner is just for a fun outdoor festival that you’re doing mostly privately it’s usually not a big deal, but if the event is huge and more commercialized it’s often good to confirm that the fonts are free to use for that purpose. Most free fonts are, but getting written permission is never a bad idea if you’re planning a long term operation.
This is a guest post by freelance writer and occasional blogger Kate Simmons. In her writing, Kate focuses on web design, advertising tips for small businesses and social media marketing.

2012 Five Creative Fonts


2012 fonts download free

2012 creative fonts


fonts download for free

top web fonts

3.Ant Type

ant type fonts

ant fonts

4.Cosmo Path Type

path type fonts download

path model fonts

5.Che’s Bone

2012 Best Fonts

5 Amazing Robot Logo Designs Inspiration


graphic logo design samples

graphic logo design samples


robot logo design samples

logo design sample for robo


logo design samples download

robot design samples


Robo logo design samples

logo design samples works

5.Tiny Android

android robo logo design

robot design logo samples

5 Contact Form Design Sample Images

Creative Contact Form Design Sample For Web Designer

Click This Images>>

Creative Business Cards Design 5

Here, they have collected 5 most creative business cards that use nice character/illustration designs to attract the attention of those intended & it is a great way for promoting yourself. Enjoy!

Although today they have twitter, facebook, linkedIn or the other social media & portfolio platform that can make us stay connected, but I think business card printing still play the important role for your promotion strategy. You can also put your social media accounts in your business card, & naturally there’s must have your name or company’s name, address, e-mail & phone number.

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People Images Logo Design Top 5

Let’s see how people images can represent companies, societies & products in a amazing way. They hope this collection can inspiring you in designing your own logo or your client’s logo. Enjoy!

A logo in your business is a must. & an distinctive logo design can bring memorability & help your business achive a product recognition worldwide. Today they have 45 creative logo designs that use people images in their design.

Casa Dei Curiosi

The Empire of Good



Caveman Events

Amazing Logo in Rocket Designs 5

They hope with this logo design collection, you’ll find some great ideas in designing your own logo. Enjoy!

A logo in your bussiness is necessities & can make a sizable impact. & today, take a glance these fabulous rocket in 5 logo designs, these logos have a fabulous way to tell you something about the company that it is meant to represent also creates a sense of trust & confidence that motivates potential customers to do business.

Red Rocket

Retro Rocket

Bee Rocket

Rocket Cuisine

Rocket Photography